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The Malcontent

Every beginning must contain some form of pain. The moment of birth is the sudden expulsion from the safe womb to the uncanny world. A wish or an intention at this point in time carries no power to alter the course of events.

As we grow older and despite being more capable of exercising our will, we experience deprivation in many form.

As a simple proof, we can’t feel ever growing sensations of joy and happiness; at some point, our physiology gives out. It then follows that we are deprived of infinite happiness, for as long as we possess a physical body.

These limitations and restrictions to which we are bound are at the core of the Quest. In whatever way we can, we feel the need to improve ourselves, to obtain just a little more of that which we don’t have, to loosen the bonds ever slightly. And that drive, in turn, gives birth to self-improvement.

In bonding with others in shared moments of religion, to understanding the Universe or applying this knowledge in crafting machines, the Quest goes on.

The path of the adventure is beyond all means of prediction. Certainly, we can give thoughts as to what will happen in the next hundred years, but a thousand, or a million years stretch our imagination to a breaking point. We can know, however, that there will be victories and routs, discoveries, dark ages, brutalities visited on an vast number of sentient lifeforms, for such things have always been.

Yet the particular shape of all the future events remain precisely in the future, exposed moment by moment through habits, catastrophes and luck.

Since the latter two are entirely out of the domain of what can be influenced, there remains only one thing for the malcontent to effect transformation.

Changing the self, through adaptation to the outside realities.

What we see then is that it is perfectly normal to feel pain of our boundaries, and to conform to this fact, whether by attempting to lift the limits or simply moving on to other endeavor is a great wisdom.


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